There is a story unfolding all around us...

It’s a story that tells us who we are and who we will be. It’s a story that explains why the world is the way it is and why we long for something more, something better. It’s a story filled with great evil and immense good, wicked sin and fantastic grace, the heights of pride and the depths of humility, soul-numbing hate and wondrous love. It is a story of redemption.

This is the true story of God. This story has one central character, Jesus the Christ, one central event, the Cross, one central people, the Church, unified by one central message, the Gospel.

This gospel is the good news that “Christ died for our sins” (1 Corinthians 15:3) to bring us home to God, destroy Satan, forgive sin, reverse the effects of the Fall, and once-and-for-all create a people for God out of all tribes, tongues and nations for His glory. The Gospel changes everything.

God calls these transformed people “the Church,” redeemed sinners who by faith in Jesus have been cleansed of the shame of sin, adopted as children of God, sealed with the Holy Spirit and sent on a mission to enjoy God, redemptively engage their context, and invite everyone into this new found life.

Tragically, many do not know this God, this story or this Gospel. In fact, many avoid Him, ignore Him, distort Him, domesticate Him, misunderstand Him, add to or subtract from Him, or simply hate Him. Many, however, have simply never heard of Him.

So, we must go to them. The church exists as an outpost of the Kingdom of God, demonstrating the renewal Jesus will ultimately bring through the establishment of His rule. Redeemer Community Church is grounded in the message that Jesus Christ makes all things new. We invite you to join us as we follow Jesus together.