It is our deep desire to not simply see a “building” that houses a church, but to see a gathering of disciples living as the church. Simply put, we desire to see a church that lives as a worshipping community of missional theologians.


We exist to be worshippers of God. Understanding that God is our Creator and Gracious Redeemer gives us purpose and direction in life. Therefore, our desire is to proclaim the beauty and majesty of God  - to show that He is worthy of our worship in all we do and with all we are.


We are created to exist in community. As those created in the image of God, we reflect the triune nature of God who exists in perfect community as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This means that church is not intended to be a loose collection of spiritually minded people, but a family of worshippers that reflect the image of God, unified in Jesus. This community will be visible as people love and serve each other and their neighbors. This is where the gospel comes to life.


We live as those who are sent. Just as the Father sent the Son into the world, so too the Son has sent His church into the world to declare His goodness, beauty and authority through word and deed. As His disciples, we live as an outpost of the Kingdom of God as a demonstration of the renewal Jesus will ultimately bring through the establishment of His rule. 


We cannot properly worship, serve or proclaim a God that we do not know. Therefore, we strive to create a culture devoted to Scriptural study in order to help us grow in our love for Jesus and people. We must view the world and culture through the story of the Scriptures. We realize that we must become practical theologians if we are serious about being missional disciples in today’s culture.