As followers of Jesus, we exist to be disciples who make disciples, for the good of the foothills and to the glory of God.


We love Jesus. We love the foothills. We want the foothills to love Jesus. This mutual love triggered a small group of people to begin praying about planting a new Jesus-loving, Bible-believing, Gospel-centered church in Grass Valley. In the winter of 2013 this vision began to materialize. We gathered a small community that began to meet weekly to pray for God's direction, study the Scriptures together and begin to take active steps of faith to see this new church take shape. Our prayer is that God would use Redeemer Community Church to sink the roots of the good news of Jesus Christ deep into the heart of Grass Valley. 


Even though Redeemer Community Church is a new church, we recognize that God has been actively building His Church for 2,000 years, beginning with the very first followers of Christ. While the history of the church can be marked by both moments of greatness and failure, there is a continuous pattern of God’s faithfulness to preserve the message of the gospel and to make Himself known to His creation. Many faithful churches and faithful people have come before us, and while we are indebted to them all, we are particularly grateful for the leaders of the Reformation. The confessed message of salvation by Christ alone, faith alone, scripture alone, grace alone and to God's glory alone, has greatly shaped the understanding of Christian life and practice. As we seek to confess Christ, we benefit from their clear confessions of faith that they left behind.