Why Membership?

“Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it. “ – 1 Corinthians 12:27

If Scripture is the cornerstone of our church, then membership is the cement that holds us all together. Jesus and the writers of the NT point Christians toward the primacy of the Church and the importance of Christians submitting and committing to one another in local churches. We see formalized "Church Membership" as the best way to fulfill what we see in Scripture. We have a three-step process:

Membership Meeting

Those interested in understanding more about becoming a member should make their interest known to one of our elders or sign-up to attend the next new members class. A private meeting will be set up for the elder to walk through our Confession of Faith (what we believe), Constitution and Bylaws (how we function as a church) and Church Covenant (what it means to be a member). This meeting provides the best opportunity to get the answers to any questions you may have. The elder will also talk to you about your understanding of the gospel and story of conversion. Provided all parties are in agreement, the request for membership would then be presented to the other elders.

Elder Recommendation

At a regularly scheduled elders’ meeting, the elder who conducted the interview will review the candidate’s profile with the other elders and give his personal recommendation. If approved for membership, the candidate’s written testimony of conversion and request for membership is forwarded to the members for their consideration and final affirmation.  

Congregational Affirmation

As part of the next members meeting, approved candidates will be recommend by the elders, input from members is considered, and a vote is taken. With a majority secured, the candidate signs the church covenant and is welcomed into membership.

Each new member (and family) is placed under the shepherding care of an elder and is connected to a Community Group for fellowship, edification, and ministry.